Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summarizing Comment

This article was written by Deborah Feyerick, Michael Cary, and Sheila Steffen full story covered by CNN. Now drug traffickers are doing anything they can to get smuggle drugs into the U.S. They have took it to the extent of placing drugs in tables, toy, furniture, holiday candles, and even tennis shoes boarder officer state. They are involving anyone they can from officers to those who work for the government to get the drugs from one place to another and make money. Since this drug business is a multimillion organization they don’t care what they have to do to get the drugs to their destination they would do it. They are not stopping at anything hitting drugs in different location from the car for example the tiers or engine. This are places board patrols have states to find drugs in.

Their only goal is to make money. Now drugs trafficker are targeting teenagers to do their dirty work for them. The reasons why they target teenager is because they are na├»ve and think that working for them is an easy way to get money. The teenager gets them self involve in a dangerous business not really realizing the danger of it. They are usually offered up to 4,000 dollars each time they ship the drug to where they are asked to this idea becomes every tempting so they are usually dragged into shipping drugs. The federal government estimated that the sale of marijuana in the U.S makes up 61 percent of the Mexican cartel’s income that is 8.5 billion dollars more than double of what they make in cocaine, and if you watch this video on this website you would notice that most of all the teenagers held in custody are found with marijuana.

This article states how they have become so creative that they have even created tunnel to ship the drug from Mexico to the U.S. The government has work so hard to prevent the drugs from making it to the U.S. They place officer to search cars every day on the high way. Officers usually find 5 to 10 loads a day from 50 to 500 pounds anything from marijuana to cocaine. They also patrol the eastern pacific coast off of the central of southern America. The reason they do it is because they have upgraded to also using submarines that are hard to detect. These are all situation that make it hard for the Mexican government to control this problem that are affecting everyone.

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