Friday, May 29, 2009

Should marijuana be legal for medical purpose

The article written by Andraz Melasek gave me pro and cons about legalizing marijuana. It stated the effects of marijuana which was that is it a widely used drug that causes hallucination, disorientation and feeling exhilaration and anxiety. Marijuana also causes asthma and loss of appetite. So should the government legalize a substance that affects the human body?
In this world there is always going to be people who agree and disagree on the action the government takes. That is why this topic causes different opinion like some believe that marijuana treats chronic pain and help the body with the unbearable pain. Other believes that it causes high rate of depression. I believe that marijuana should not be legalized because then people would find excuses to legalize other drugs like cocaine and crack. Which truly affect the human body and become very addictive. I also believe that the government should have never legalize alcohol and tobacco because both effect the body.
Marijuana is also known to be a stepping stone to heroin, cocaine and other harmful drugs. Drugs in general increase the rate of accidents like for example car accidents. So most people can agree that legalizing drugs is not the right thing to do if they do legalize it is more likely for children to get a hold of it. These are all reasons as to why marijuana should not be legalized for medical purposes. This is the reason why I rule against the court case of Nemsgerm v. the United States.

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