Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summarizing Comment

This article was found in the Yahoo website it didn't have a name. the article stated that the illegal drug market in the U.S is the Most paid business in the world. The U.S makes most of its profit from the drug business more then any other country world wide. This causes the drug law enforcement to face enormous challenges in protecting the country's border. The Custom Service has estimated that more then 6 million people migrate to the U.S each year. They usually get to the U.S in different ways like private flights by land and also sea.
Many people have stated that the drug business is the main cause for deaths, cartels, drug wars, and many other issues that effect everyone world wide. It also states that the black market for illegal drugs accounts 8 percent of the world trade revenue.The government has done everything in its power to keep the drug issue down. They have passed down laws like the Harrison Act, and The fairness in cocaine sentencing act 2009 to slimmer down the drug problems.
I believe that the government is doing everything they can to stop the drugs from getting to the U.S i also believe that there is only so much in what they can do. They will always pass down law to protect everyone, and also because crime will always take place in this world because it would never be perfect.