Sunday, May 24, 2009

Opinion post

I believe that if the Mexican government was as strike as the Iran government you would see less crime occurring in Mexico. Even though I believe the punishments are too crucial you do not see as much crimes as you do in other countries. I don’t think that hanging people cuts it but they believe that it works. But as I have said before the Mexican President is working hard to stop it and soon or later we will see changes.
With this articles that I have research I have learn so much. I have learned the affects these drugs have on the human body. I have earn the different punishment given in different countries and some of the people involve or wanted by both Mexico and the U.S because of drug trafficking. I also find out creative ways that drug trafficker ship the drug like for example where they hide it. I found out they hide it in places like toy, candles and even creating sub marines.
These are methods that make it difficult for police to detect but soon or later they end up finding it. I learned that drugs kill little by little, and that the reason why the government wants them out the streets is because they harm us. I learn the reasons behind why the government fights hard to stop these criminals. Now I realize that this is an issue that effecting everyone worldwide.

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