Saturday, May 23, 2009

Opinion Post

I believe that drug trafficking occurs because of the demands of the America people causing wars in Mexican cities. Making citizen feel unprotected and unsecure in their own country. This all began when the Mexican government declared war on drug traffickers and cartels causing violence’s to get out of control. The Mexican people don’t even feel safe with the authority because they say that they are involved in some of this crime. Another reason why many officers are being killed is because the government is finally fighting back to stop drug trafficking and this Cartels. The President is not hesitating nor is he afraid to take action. People are afraid to speak out against these cartels.
I also believe that little by little they are stopping these criminals. I think that the government will but an end to this criminal. I also know that the President won’t rest till the crime in the Mexican street are not minimized or stopped completely. First they have to target those who are corrected and work hand to hand with the government like board patrol, police officer and even those who work in the correctional facilities. This people tend to fall in the drug business or usually help them get always with this crime in exchange for money. Then target every single drug trafficker, they try to convince the U.S President to pass law to also stop the drugs from entering the United States.
If these actions are taken I believe things will change and slowly they will get things under control because this is not something that happens over night. I believe that President Felipe Calderon has this best attitude to deal with the problems in Mexico because he doesn’t plan to back down from them.

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  1. Hey! Nice opinion post. I like how you synthesized the information you have been learning about and how you were able to include your opinon as well.

    Which do you think will be more effective, targeting individual drug dealers or going straight to the president?