Friday, April 24, 2009

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This is a video talks about the problems that are happening in Mexico. Trying to figure out methods to deal with the issue from drug war to dealing with drug trafficking.

I belive that people who are involved in the drug business have improve their technology greatly making it difficult for police to track them down. This video is an example of how they are taking things to the next level(using submarie).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colombian Cartels

Ever since the 1970’s, Colombia on of the most violent drug trafficking organizations in the world. What simply started as a small cocaine business of smuggling drug has become an uncontrollable multi-million empire. This organization has become sophisticated and more high tech to make more money and to keep authorities away.
The way in which they became more high tech was hiring and engineering expert from Russia and the US to build submarine to drugs in large quantities to the US. The submarines that carried tons of illegal drugs was found by the Colombian national police.
The reason why drug dealers would smuggle drugs to the US was because they bought a kilo for 1,500 in Colombia they would sell in the streets of the US for $50,000. The profit was more then half of what they originally paid for.

This article truly shocked me because the drug business is increasing their technology and even involving people who work for the government in their organization like police officers. They have upgraded their drug trafficking business so much that they built a submarine to ship their materials drugs and weapons. How extreme is that?

Opinion Post

Do you think the Mexican authority is working hard to stop the drug wars, and the violent that comes from drug trafficking?
do you think the U.S is doing enough to prevent drugs from entering the American streets and harming those we love? the issues that are happening in Mexico are not just effecting those in the Mexican community but everyone worldwide.i was amused when i was sitting at home reading an article about the wars in Mexico between the authority and drug cartels more then 45 people a day are dying in this one area where the drug dealing is heavy. An organization known as Sicarios have assassin more then 300 people including officers and important people who made a differences in their communities.

This is unbelievable because he killed innocent people that deserve to live their life but he felt superior to all this people and felt he had the power to take their life, well that how reading this article made me feel. He had tons of money because of the drug business. Imagine how overwhelm the Mexican government is feeling with this issue. they are trying to control it but this organization just seem to get more powerful.

Is the Mexican authority doing it all to prevent drug wars and the violence in the streets? I believe that they are working extremely hard to stop it or have it under control but they are becoming very powerful, and even some police officers and law enforcement are becoming involve with the drug cartels. So how hard is this issue to the Mexican government. Our government are also trying to make law to stop drugs from entering our communities but sometimes this law fail to do the task.

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This is a video about one of the most wanted drug cartels. His name was Vicente Carrillo Leyva. Him and his family had a drug organization that had millions of dollars. This is incredible because so many people are involve in this drug business.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summarizing Comment

This articles was written by Mario Gonzalez “Top Mexican Drug Cartel Suspect Arrested Officials say” that they arrested Vicente Carrillo Leyva Thursday. He was arrested in a public place exercising. The reason why he was track was because of his wife he changed his name but she didn’t change hers because of that he was track down and arrested.

He became in charge of the criminal organization known as Juarez Cartel when his dad died trying to change his appearance so that authorities won’t find him. His father died July 1997 and this was when he inherits this organization. This affects everyone because is a organization ran by the family one dies the other one takes charge so it seems like a never ending cycle of criminal activity providing drugs to everyone and killing families in the United States. The reason why I say that this organization of drug trafficking was ran by a family was because the federal officers were offering an award of up to 2.16 million dollar to anyone who gave information to track down his uncle Vicente Carrillo Fuentes and this reward was also given to find Leyva.

A few member of the Juarez Cartel where arrested like Hector Huerta Rios, Najera Talamantes this are people that deal with drug trafficking. The U.S blames this member for the violence in the region

I believe that when the authorities grab criminal like this they make justice. They make justice to families and friends who lost someone significant to them because of drugs. As we all know drugs effect the human body greatly and it’s also deadly. The damages of drugs usually results to permanent damages, addiction and death.