Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summarizing Comment

The article “Iran hangs 29 drug traffickers, murders, and rapist”. This article capture my attention because all these articles I read that dealt with the issues occurring in Iran had no name. I believe that the reason why these articles had no names was to protect their identities. This country has every strike laws. This article stated that 110 people were executed already on this year (2009). The human right group stated that in the year 2007 247 death penalties have occurred in Iran more than any country in the world except China which had 335 executions.
Those who commit crimes like drug trafficking, rape, murder with torture, armed robbery, drinking alcohol and possession of ammunition are given the death penalty. Tehran prosecutor believes that these executions would send a strong warning to criminal. He also wants to pass down a bill that promotes the same punishment to those who promote corruption, prostitute and apostasy on the internet which mean someone who abandon the faith and is probably speaking about it publicly. The recent case about execution dealing with drug trafficking this year in Iran is 5 people.
In some Country’s the penalty is more lenient with people then in other. I believe that the reason they are so strike with the penalties is because a part of it has to deal their religion and what they believe is morally wrong and in other cases that want to prove a point so that other won’t commit a crime. They also use these executions as a method to lessen the crimes in Iran.

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